Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I started my winter line yesterday. Can I say its definitely winter peppermint? Oh yeah!
I got my letter written, proofed, and sent to the nonprofit organization. I am waiting for the response. Waiting is the hardest thing.
Today make 90 cheerleading ponytail things and 10 shirt ribbons, clean a fish tank (poor fishies they have dirty water), confirm trick or treat with day with hoa, dig out t-shirts for tomorrow's fall party and pumpkin patch run, and finish vaccumming.
**update teacher didn't get the supplies yesterday so no ponytail holders. frustrating because I cleared my schedule for today. I will use it to work on my winter line instead.**
Here's a cool give away. I like it because as a runner its not my fingers that get cold its the lower arms and rest. This is perfect thing for a runner!!

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Christie Cottage said...

Hope your party is a blast! Tonight the church is having a Halloween party before service :-)

Thanks for posting the link to the new giveaway!