Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you Tuesday

Thank you, to everyone who has patiently waited for our little creator, to finish the half marathon training, and actually do the half marathon.
We are proud to announce that our creator,not only finished the training but completed the Bass Pro Shop Cohick Half Marathon on Sunday November 4th, 2012. It took 2 hours 54 minutes 48 seconds to complete. This is with an injuried foot that still isn't happy about running to walking then running full speed ahead just to finish.
The creator is currently RESTING. This means hydrating stretching out the latic acid build up and literarily sleeping during the day.
Please leave some love in the comments to let her know how proud of her you are. It would mean a bunch to her right now.
We want to thank all the shops on etsy that have featured her items in a treasury since Saturday.
Listed below are all the great treasuries of gift guides for the holiday season that we are currently in.
Please click and see each one if you can.
If we missed anyone, we apologize we are going off a list created by our little runner who is exhaugsted and half here. She says to tell yah, a big fat THANK YOU!


Deni Breitenbach said...

You were also featured here: http://breitwerk.blogspot.com/2012/11/saturday-spotlight-relaxing-spa-day.html

Congrats and hope you recoup soon!
Deni @BreitWerk

Gemstones on My Mind said...

Congrats on your half marathon! It is such an accomplishment. We've been to half marathons and marathons that our son has been in, and they are so exciting. I'm always in awe of the participants and everything they do. Hope you're getting some good rest!
Congrats again and thanks for adding my treasury to your blog!

2justByou said...

Yayyyy! Congrats on the half marathon! This is such an accomplishment, so you should be so proud. =0)
I had no idea that I wasn't a follower of the blog yet, so I fixed that right away!
Have a great weekend,