Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Discount Directory ETSY SHOPs

This year I plan on featuring different shops once a week, in a holiday discount directory.
I know my shop does not hold the gift for everyone but you should still be able to save money while spending money on others. This past weekend I held a raffle for shops on etsy to have a spotlight feature. Do not fret those that are on a team with me,  I will do a feature that will send people to the discount lists for the teams on etsy that I am on. I can not feature eveyone at one time, I would not get anything done at my house.
So without further a do, for this week's winner's are:
Be sure to check their shop announcements or contact the shop owners if you can't seem to get the code to work. It maybe etsy overwhelmed with sales. They will be glad to work with you.
Blast Out Friday will return after Thanksgiving which is seperate from the Holiday Discount Directory. Next Feature...non etsy shops

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