Monday, May 7, 2012

Money Saving Mondays

OMG, we so have not been saving money lately as much as we should. WE have been a sick bunch of folks at our house. Our allergies have turned into infections of the upper respitory. YUCKO!

We discovered a few things about buying medicine.

*check with your insurance company on which pharmacy to use, some insurance plans won't allow Walgreens CVS or local pharmacies

*for allergy meds in bulk in generic form check your local Sam's Club Pharmacy. They often have at least a month worths supply to six months supply under $20.00

*even with insurance its still freaking expensive


Coming attractions this week on the blog:

A Wanelo party for ecracter and webstore sites only. this means if you don't have have a site on either of this selling avenues please don't post a link to be wanelod

link for wanelo:

Rules for participating:

1. 1-3 items per shop front ecractor or webstore

2. You post any link for either store you will promote the entire list

3. If you don't wish to wanelo but rather pin on pinterest, please wait a full 72 hours before pinning from my account to pinterest. We need to give everyone time to  list their links, and wanelo the items.

4. How will we verify if this is done, simply wanelo shows the number of times an item is saved in its system publically. I will check each item to make sure it shows the correct number of saves for the number of shop owners participating in it.

5. be sure to use the keyword/tag section if you are pinning an item that has not yet been done.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to email the shop at

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