Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay for all who follow my tweets or on a cross promotional team with me, and have seen the hashtage #zibbetmonth then went uh?
Let me tell you, I have a shop front on Its similar to etsy and artfire. You can can have a free account to upload up to 50 items without upload fees, and they don't take any of your profit on your sale, or you can pay $70.00 a year for premium account and have lots more options open for you to help sell. I have a free account. Yes, I made a sale at christmas. I take my expired items from etsy and put them for sale here.

The news story now:
I got a newsletter from the president and workers of zibbet a few weeks, ago, notifying me of a great thing occurring in the month of April 2012. The DIY Fashion, representative, Rain Blanken was doing features on the and their sellers this month. They asked if when we were promoting to put the hashtag #zibbetmonth in the tweet. I have been doing that.

Here is a direct link for the article:

Here is a direct link for the site:

Here is a direct link for my store front:

I love the community at zibbet. They are so very friendly and helpful. When I had trouble getting my descriptions to follow for new products, I posted my "draft" with pictures, and many members stepped up and helped me re-arrange my words to create an awesome following descriptions.

The customer service response on issues are fanastic!
The technical support division (waving hi at Jess) is top knotch.
The president and ceo in charge, is always there for members when they have a direct question for him.

Thanks Zibbet for providing a great community for handmade makers!

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Connie Mitan said...

Yay for Zibbet Month! Thanks for sharing a blog post on it.

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