Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday Moon Tutorial Workshops 4/1/2012

Help me write my product description! Is often what you hear from me or for a review at times. My creative juices have been poured so heavily into either making high quality product or into creatively handling a chaotic dramatic situation with kids that I literarily have nothing left to give to writing a description that makes the customer WANT to buy my product. 

This is an important factor for those of us selling online anything and everything.
I had a very nice, person refer me to this site listed below.
Thanks Leah! You know who you are and that I so appreciate your assistance in getting more sales into my shop.

This site is free to use. If you have Google mail, stay signed in, type in the product description title then the special security entry code. Watch the number of possibilities, pop up for what you could use in your title, description, or tags depending on the site you is selling from.  By staying signed in you get more possibilities available to use than without being signed in.
I often refer back to the tags, description, and or title to help either write the review or description of what I need. If you are writing a review for stumble upon or even Google plus (it has the same attributes in its system that stumble upon does) for a business, a product, or even venting frustration over a change in policies on a selling site then you need this.
As many of the promotional teams, I am on, who have Google plus can verify that I have started literarily using their tags or part of their descriptions to help my muse come alive and drive business to their shops.  If you are having trouble selling, review your title, description, or tags via this awesome site.
For examples of what I have done you can go here...
Google plus: beautiful swag store: you can see my posts that I have used the tags to make hash tags or write a review.

**side note I haven't forgotten about the giveaway for google plus followers. life has gotten totally crazy in the last two weeks. I am working on announcing a winner and mailing out the prize package**


Missouris Daze: AJ said...

Great advice.
Thanks for sharing it in the SWMO Team. I am also now following you. :)
~AJ from aBeesCreations

Raige Creations said...

wow, I never knew about this, thank you. something to try if I can fathom yet another thing, lol.

Abby's Closet said...

Great! I know how I feel writing descriptions sometimes! Can't wait to try It out! :) thanks!

Arianne said...

Great post! I am always looking for more ideas to getting found! Thanks for the info.