Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday....back to a regular schedule

OMG!! I got so much stuff done yesterday. We constantly got stuff taken out to the recycle bin, trash taken out after a long weekend with our puppy and fixing lots of food, I got phase two done of my friends birthday gift, now for phase three, a new feeding mat sewn that matches the new jacket for the little puppy, coverings made for the storage bins for puppy food, just have to glue them onto the storage bins, and I went to bed early last night.

Pictures will be uploaded next week of all the stuff that is done.

What's left you ask?
Valentine Bows and small purses for kiddos
My empathy shirt for work...

gotta run in process of making pasta salad for family's lunch kits.


Christie Cottage said...

Girl, you are busy! It feels great getting things done, doesn't it!!!


Felicity said...

I'm curious about your empathy shirt. It seems like a lost trait, I wish more people had it.

sweetybird09 said...

Wow I am tired reading about you :)

I have my cat food/ and flour in storage food bins, do u cover the whole thing? I am just curious since that is a great idea.

bet that pasta salad is yummy!

beautiful swag store said...

You can see the the can of socks to see how I do the bins. They are recycled coffee and oatmeal canisters for storage. Why am I going to pay close to $5.00 for something I alread has. It just needs to be resurfaced to look pretty. Hence, I have plenty of scraps and glue. Why not? Maybe, our ancestors had the saying right, waste not want not..