Friday, November 5, 2010

News On Project Front

Okay,so, the choir project never went through.

Though the cheer account is finally in full swing. Yes, I mean full swing, as, in I got ribbon and its time to sew them together and put them on ponytail holders. OMG!!!!

Not to mention, I am giving way free headbands with fabric flowers to our kiddos soccer team just to get the stuff out of the house to make room for my cheer account stuff.

I still need to make matching skirts for everyone here. They are a animal print combo. Phew can you say, next week, and this weekend is busy!

Big news, the artfire account is now open. The headbands are for sale over there. That is done.

1 comment:

sweetybird09 said...

Great on the artfire store, I was going to look into doing that as well, let us know how it goes, oh and happy sewing!