Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why should I HEART, LIKE, or PLUS ONE someone else's item?

The few week's I will be posting a few things to help make your online store a bit more successful. This can apply to any online market place. The most used example will be

Why should I HEART, LIKE, or PLUS ONE someone else's item?
By hearting someone else’s item on a online selling market place like etsy, zibbet, craft star, meylah, ecrater, or copious it not only puts their item in an SEO (search engine optimizer) but your profile for your store as well. 
We all need activity in SEO, this is a free function on most free selling market places. It takes less than 10 seconds to do that for not only yourself but someone else.
I decided to personally see if I could increase my fews and sales by simply liking others items either on the selling market place or through social media.
Guess what? I got a ton of hits steadily. I don't mean I got slammed or got immediate sales. I did get them just not instantly. Its worth the 10 seconds to like someone else's work.
These are the main excuses I hear from other sellers that state it doesn't work:
* I don't have time to do it on all the teams for the site I'm on
solution: cut down on the teams your on. find the ones that actually help use your time more wisely
* I don't get it repicociated back
solution: It is better to give than to receive. You will get it back but you must first give it.


2justByou said...

You're right. It only takes a few seconds. If we all work together, the results are amazing. =0)

Daphne Lewis said...

Thanks for posting this! We all have to support each other. I get behind some times but try to catch up with everyone.

Kid-Cra-Zee said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog Sam! It does take "A Village" to succeed on alternate sites, no one can do it alone! Thanks for all your time and promo efforts of #teamsellit! :)

Sandra Tyler said...

Interesting. I'll have to think about this if I ever get my shops updated...

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great post! I enjoy this aspect of social networking since it is a great way for us to all help each other out. :)

beautiful swag store said...

You are all welcome ~ This next comment was left in a blog it up community on google +

"Take this a step further, make your opinion credible and people will want to follow you. g+, like or Heart what appeals to you, share that. But add comments too.

Comments make who you are real to the folks that don't know you. It also makes the shared post get picked up a little faster.

Note: One word comments are not as good as a sentence, remember that robots are trolling and they like variety and a fresh approach.

Oh yes, this works. And I have all my friends out there to thank for it." quoted ~ Margaret Siemers

Sandy Campbell said...

Great advice and thanks for posting it for us!!