Friday, January 25, 2013

Blast Out Friday 01 22 2013

Sorry for our absents, we have been sick over the last few weeks.
We are well. We keep our germs to ourselves when sick.
so, without the germs, here comes this weeks Blast Out Friday Directory
Blogs~Advice, Giveways, and Features
Etsy Shops
Music Recital- Hershey Kiss Labels- print your own
SALE - Adjustable Toddler Bib - Pop Hearts Blueberry - Baby Bib - Suspender Clip Bib - Amy Schimler - Rainbow Hearts - Boy
LED Love Lights Henna and Glitter Painted Votive Candle Set Valentines Day SALE
Goldfish Hair Clips
Yellow Purple  Easter Egg Paperclip Bookmark
Team Sell It
Vintage Godinger Silver Art Co.2 piece Crystal Glass ice bucket Stand Tongs
Scrunchie Hair Accessories Diy Supplies Black Friday Cyber Monday
Zibbet Stores
Peacock Hair Comb
Purple Heart  Barrette
Lace Boot Topper
First Time in Print ~ Mi Corazón por Alicia - Mixed Media/Salted Watercolor Print
Sea Waves - Chrysocolla Oval Wire Swirl Pendant - turquoise malachite and sterling
Red White Pom Pom Flower


2justByou said...

GREAT items for the blast out! I like those LED Love Lights, so pretty. =0)


beautiful swag store said...

thanks kim! Is that blog hop still going on?

Julia said...

i love the goldfish hair clips! lol