Monday, October 29, 2012

Black Friday Coupon Code Early Release

I know its been a while since we have posted anything that shows the type of personality or care that goes into beautiful swag store handmade locations. I want to apologize for that.

We have been quit busy, not just creating but listening to those around us lately. The main thing we have heard is that things are just so outrageously unaffordable, not budget friendly for purchasing, or we have to choose to go without food to provide christmas for our kids or family members (grown children).

So, I thought long and hard about what we could do to make the holidays a little easier on those around us with or without money.

So, instead of making a big profit this year, we are going to just cover the cost of what it takes to make many of the items in our shop locations. Etsy prices in our shop are going to go down when you use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2012 for 50% off at check out; beautifulswagstore . This coupon code will expire November 21nd, 2012. We will release our Cyber Monday Coupon that day as well. Please note will be out of the workshop from November 21nd 2012 throught November 24th 2012.

The only items that  can't be discounted any more is our DIY KITS for body scrubs/ facial scrubs, and hair accessories diy kits.

 We will combine shipping costs and refund any differences to you if there are any. We can also send your purchase to the receive upon you notifying us of the change of address at the time of purchase through the buyer note section in your order form online.

Our other locations, at zibbet ~beautifulswagstore , beautifulswagstore.ecrater , , and are already discounted down to account for less selling /transaction fees using these sites. If there is something on one of these sites that you want but feel the price is out of your budget. Contact us at we will be happy to work with you to make it work for your budget this season.

Please know we truly understand that things have to fit within your means, we are here for you to the best of our abilities. Please truly have a wonderful happy holidays this year.

coming soon, a coordinating wrapped headband and a ribbon flower with a singer silk flower center with the same theme
coming soon a coordinating wrapped headband
There will be a coordinating wrapped headband available as well, not yet released for purchase.

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2justByou said...

What a great sale! I've stumbled/reviewed and G+ for you! I think it's great that you're really thinking of your customers and releasing this coupon early. You're awesome!