Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Come Join the Jenuine BNR TEAM for ....

Week Long Beach Bash BNR

Throw off your cares, grab your knowledge of trivial things, and get your math numbers flowing like a spring. For the week of July 1st - July 8th 2012, will be full of fun, memories, laughter, and more saving deals for those that are living on a budget but having to prepare for events in advance in their lives.

You won't need to to fill up your gas tank, just charge your laptop battery, smart phone battery, or keep the charges handy for when the low battery signal pops up. For all you have to do is log on to etsy to find the summer fun without the sun burn.

*  $5 board
* $10 board
* for every $5.00 spent you get a raffle ticket
*BIG RAFFLE on July 8th pm est

The team is asking for summer, tropical or beach themed donations but anything is fine!

I have about nine beach flip flop themed avis for any shops that are participating in the beach bnr that would like them. All I ask is that you promote this post in return.


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