Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogger Follower Update

We now offically have 20 followers! Yeah. We only need 80 more followers before the first swag bag can be given away.

Spread the word!!

Plans for the week

So, its Thanksgiving week already.

1. only 8 more cheer bows to be made. Waiting on more ribbon.

2. Post pictures of the sleeping mask gift sets I have

3. Start surgical mask desgins and sewing. Then once I have some that work. I will post those in the shops for sale. These are important for anyone that is cleaning that has asthma or allergies.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends

5. Putting up Christmas decorations and cleaning for that event.

6. Partake in the sales fiary activities going around.

Friday, November 19, 2010

cheer bows

This is what my week has been about when I have not been wheezing from asthma.

What so you think?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Go Purple Day Shirt Pictures

This is the front, the bottom is the back of the applique shirt I made.
This is the back below of another shirt that is for the kiddo of my friend that ran the 24 hour. The next picture is a predecorated front of the same shirt.
Below is the back of most of the shirts I made with a varifying  patterned fabric for the crew members.
This one below is a for a special runner. She is an ultra runner.

What's has

has fabric elastic and thread, that most people are over charged for that my kids want?

Keep will soon be revealed.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Go Purple Day

It was a hugh success. My friend Robyn ran for 24 hours straight on the tred mill. She set a new record, She got an endorsement from to help with raising awareness. All the crew members loved the shirts. I will post pictures after I watermarked them.

Anything else..i did a 10k for the first time along side her running. I walked 4 and ran 2. Allergies and taking off three days messed with my endurance.

Yeah for my friend and the Go Purple day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Pictures now up

Update on projects this week

Purple ribbon shirts 15 down three more to go and of course we all have to look hair wise so I am going to make matching hair accessories for the women running it. Guys don't really care what they look like right? I take that back some men do.

Cheerleading bows, 10 1/2 way complete, waiting on the other ribbon and thread from the cheer coach to finish by Friday.

Pictures will be later taters. I am way to busy to be posting pictures this week. I promise next week will be full of pictures.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proud Sponsor and Crew Member of go purple day 24 hour run my friend Robyn is doing to help raise funds for the purple ribbon council. I made all the crew's special appliques shirts with her help. She saved me so much by ironing all the appliques in place before sewing.

This is a worthy cause. You have to just check it out. Oh, pictures..I know..later taters. I am so tired. I need a nap.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Projects

Okay everyone. A drumroll please.....(images added later)Here are all sixteen headbands for the soccer team. Yes, I said, "sixteen headbands" or maybe its fifteen. Okay parents on the soccer team. Make your choice of which one You want for your kid for end of the season. From here on out, I'm booked. Seriously, booked.
Here are the hair clips and headbands for family and friends.

Friday, November 5, 2010

News On Project Front

Okay,so, the choir project never went through.

Though the cheer account is finally in full swing. Yes, I mean full swing, as, in I got ribbon and its time to sew them together and put them on ponytail holders. OMG!!!!

Not to mention, I am giving way free headbands with fabric flowers to our kiddos soccer team just to get the stuff out of the house to make room for my cheer account stuff.

I still need to make matching skirts for everyone here. They are a animal print combo. Phew can you say, next week, and this weekend is busy!

Big news, the artfire account is now open. The headbands are for sale over there. That is done.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Retro Girl Headband Priemer Blog Sale

My kiddo spied this material at our local center for fabric. Its so retro adorable we got some. So, we designed a headband out of it. Orange thread for decorative touch, patterned materail, and 10 inches of 1 inch wide elastic.

For this week and this week only, The headbands will be available here for $2.00 for a plain headband and adding a bow with button or fabric flower $3.50.
 After this week they will put posted on etsy and other sites for sale. The prices will go up to cover fees for paypal and those site.

I accept paypal. I generally prefer to ship only to the United States. Though, if the shipping isn't too much via USPS I can check for Candian orders only.

If you have an further questions feel free to email